1.1 What is is the secure interactive platform on It allows users to electronically file various procedures with the relevant administrations in a secure manner using a LuxTrust certificate or Luxembourg eID card where available.

To file their procedures, users fill in an online form, sign it electronically (if the procedure requires authentication), attach any necessary supporting documents, and submit their documents through

On, users can also view some of their personal data held by the Luxembourg administrations.

This data can be used to auto-fill the forms required for the various online procedures.

1.2 Who can use can be used by both private citizens and business users.

1.3 What are the benefits of using online services? allows users to:

  • archive all of their completed procedures in a secure, private space (eSpace), along with supporting documents and their personal data, which can be easily re-used for future procedures;
  • confidentially exchange personal data with the Luxembourg administrations when filing their online procedures. The personal data stored in the private or business eSpace can only be accessed by the holder, and is used to fill in online administrative forms automatically when the user is logged in;
  • have an overview of all their administrative files, by means of a dashboard which shows real-time information on their progress;
  • interact with the relevant administration using a dedicated messaging service (currently available for certain procedures only);
  • manage employee permissions in business eSpaces to cater to specific needs of businesses and facilitate team working. A business eSpace can be accessed by several employees.

1.4 Types of services available users have access to a number of different services.

     1.4.1 Procedures with authentication

The user fills in the online form, signs it and then securely submits it to the relevant administration using a LuxTrust product or eID.

The benefits of this type of procedure include:

  • automatic filling of forms with data held by the Luxembourg administrations;
  • online tracking of procedures and viewing of electronic messages from the administrations in users' personal dashboard.

     1.4.2 Procedures without authentication

The user fills in the online form and submits it electronically to the relevant administration. For this type of procedure, a LuxTrust certificate or eID is not required.

This type of service saves time and allows users to file their procedures on any device, whenever and wherever they want.

     1.4.3 eTracking

The eTracking form attached to the paper application allows users to track the progress of forms sent to the administrations by post. An eTracking number is automatically generated and associated with their procedure.

The eTracking feature is optional. The user is given the option to use the feature when they download the procedure form for offline filing.

This new feature provides greater transparency when it comes to tracking the progress of offline (paper) procedures.

Once the form has been selected, the user then chooses whether they wish to be kept informed about the progress of their procedure by email and/or by SMS, and fills in their e-mail address or phone number as required.

The user then prints their eTracking page, which bears the eTracking number for their specific procedure, and attaches it to the completed form.

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