Manage your private eSpace

Once the private eSpace has been created in, the user can manage it on a daily basis.Assistive technologies

5.1 Enter your personal data

By clicking on "Profile of…", users can view their profile and enter additional data which can be used to auto-fill administrative procedure forms.

Profil EN

5.2 View National Registry of Natural Persons data

By clicking on "National Registry of Natural Persons" (1), the user can:

  • view their data;
  • file a procedure to have the data (2) amended;
  • view a log of data views and updates (3) made over the past 6 months;
  • request the reason(s) for viewing their personal data (a letter template can be downloaded from the Help menu (?)) (4).

 Données RNPP EN




Consultation données EN

5.3 Choose your language is available in English, French and German.

     5.3.1 User language

The user language refers to the language in which the user has chosen to view their eSpace, their documents and their profile.

The user can change their language in the sign-in settings in their profile.

If the user’s browser language is one of the 3 supported by, the site is displayed in that language when they first sign in.

 If not, the site is displayed in French by default.


     5.3.2. Language used for procedures

The procedure language is applied when:

  • interactive assistants are used;
  • PDF forms are generated;
  • procedure-related notifications are sent.
 Certain assistants are not available in all 3 languages.

In the private eSpace, the procedure language is the language selected by the user when they set up their eSpace. It can be changed at any time.



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