Set up a private eSpace

With a private eSpace, you can benefit from a whole series of online services provided by Luxembourg administrations and public bodies. These services allow you to:

  • create online procedures that require strong authentication;
  • view and verify your data held by public administrations and bodies (also known as 'authentic sources')
  • access the following content:
    • messages received from administrations and public bodies via as part of your online procedures; and
    • documents received following a subscription to the eDelivery service.

In order to create a private eSpace, you must first log in to and register the authentication product (LuxTrust for private use, eID or eIDAS) that you wish to use to access online services.

You must have a 13-digit Luxembourg national identification number (matricule) to create a private eSpace. Your authentication product is linked to this number and is therefore nominative, i.e. you can only use it to create and access your own private eSpace. You cannot access the private eSpace of a relative with your own authentication product.

Follow the steps below to create a private eSpace:

  1. Log in to with the authentication product you registered beforehand.
  2. You are redirected to the page where you can manage your eSpaces. Click on 'Create my private eSpace'.
  3. Fill in the mandatory fields marked with a star (*) and click on 'Confirm'.

If you have several authentication products in your name, and you want to be able to use them all to access your private eSpace, you must register each product. To do this, simply select the desired product the next time you log in and repeat the registration steps.

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