File a procedure without authentication

Filing procedures without authentication saves time, and this operation can be performed on both fixed and mobile devices (computers, tablets or smartphones).Assistive technologies

8.1 Find and select the procedure you want to file

The user can select the procedure they need by running a search on They then choose to use the service without authentication.

8.2 Fill in the procedure form

To fill in the form, the user must answer a security question and agree to the general terms and conditions of use.

Accepter CGU pour accéder à myguichet EN


Once they have completed this step, they need to fill in the form manually.

Remplir le formulaire v2

They then need to follow the instructions to fill in the remaining parts of the form.

The form cannot be saved as a draft. If the user stops filling in the form before completing it, they cannot return to it later.


Validation EN

 For procedures without authentication, only one procedure can be edited at a time.


8.3 Check the details and confirm the entry

Before submitting the procedure, the user should check the details they entered and confirm the entry.



8.4 Add one or more attachments

Once the form has been filled in, the user can add one or more attachments.

If no attachments were required for the procedure in question, the user can click on the "Add a supporting document" button. In this case, the document to add is optional.

If an attachment was required for the procedure, the user clicks the "Attach" button at the bottom of the form. In this case, the document to add is compulsory.



When attaching documents from their computer, the user selects the type of supporting document from the list, browses their computer to find the document they want to attach, and confirms the step.



Continuer la démarche avec la pièce jointe FR

Once the supporting document has been validated, the user can check the details of the procedure and forward it to the administration by clicking on the "Send" button. This step is important and necessary.  

Vérification avant transmission FR

8.5 Send the form to the administration

An electronic signature is not required to send the procedure.

The user simply has to confirm that they wish to submit the procedure.



Once the procedure has been sent, the user will be able to see its reference number. An email confirming the submission of the form will be sent after a brief delay.


Once the procedure is completed, it can no longer be corrected or tracked.

 The user cannot communicate with the administration.

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