Set up a private or business eSpace allows users to store all their administrative procedures in a secure space (eSpace), along with their supporting documents and personal data.Assistive technologies

Users can set up 2 types of eSpaces: a private eSpace or a business eSpace.

3.1 Choose the type of eSpace you want to set up

    3.1.1 Private eSpace

This type of eSpace is used by private individuals to file administrative procedures for their personal needs, and to securely view authentic sources of information.

The private eSpace also offers citizens a secure space to store their personal data and documents for use in their administrative procedures.

A user can only have a one private eSpace on They may, however, have several business eSpaces.

If a user has several certificates, they can access their private eSpace with any of them, provided they have registered them beforehand.

    3.1.2 Business eSpace

This type of eSpace is intended for business users and enables the employees or authorised representatives of a company to file administrative procedures on behalf of the company.

The business eSpace offers businesses a secure space to store data and documents that can be used for filing administrative procedures.

The business eSpace can be set up using either a LuxTrust Private certificate or a LuxTrust Pro certificate. The latter contains not only the name of the holder, but also the details of their employer.

Any person with a LuxTrust Private certificate can create a business eSpace for the purpose of filing their business-related procedures.

However, when creating a business eSpace, users are limited to 10 Business eSpaces, regardless of the certificate they have.

Users who wish to exceed the limit of 10 business eSpaces must contact the Helpdesk.

eSpaces created with a Pro certificate are collaborative: the eSpace administrator can invite co-workers to the eSpace to share tasks with them.

3.2 Set up a private eSpace

To set up a private eSpace, users must go to "Manage my eSpaces" and click on "Create my private eSpace".

Création espace privé EN


They must then enter the required personal data.

Option préremplissage EN

The information they enter can be used subsequently to automatically fill in administrative procedure forms.


3.3 Set up a business eSpace

From their private eSpace, users go to "Manage my eSpaces" and click on "Create a business eSpace".

Création espace professionnel EN


3.4 Fill in the required fields

The user must fill in at least the compulsory fields—i.e., those marked with an asterisk—and then click on "Confirm".


It is advisable to fill in all fields. The information the user enters can be used subsequently to automatically fill in administrative procedure forms.

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