View the sections in your private or business eSpace

Private and business eSpaces contain several sections, including:Assistive technologies

  • My procedures (and their status);
  • My documents (all reusable archived documents);
  • Procedures catalogue;
  • My data (with authentic sources);
  • My messages.


4.1 View the "My procedures" section

In the "My procedures" section, users can:

  1. file new procedures;
  2. track the progress of their procedures, and sort them by:
    • status (All, In preparation, Sent or More);
    • date of last update;
    • procedure name; or
    • procedure reference.

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4.2 View the "My documents" section

In the "My documents" section, users can add and store personal or business documents, which can be used as attachments for various procedures, such as compensation certificates, copies of passports and/or ID cards, etc.


4.3 View the "My data" section

In the "My data" section, users can view the data held by the administrations, either on them personally or on their business. 

This data can be used to auto-fill procedure forms.

In particular, the private eSpace contains data from the National Registry of Natural Persons (RNPP), different types of residence certificates (issued on the basis of the RNPP data), the user's points-based driving licence, their tax credit on notarial deeds. The VAT balance is shown in the business eSpace.

New data is constantly added to this section.

 The data can only be seen by the holder.

 The Luxembourg administrations can only see the data they hold in connection with their roles.



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In this section, government agents whose salaries are paid by the State Personnel Administration can view their various compensation certificates (monthly, annual, bonuses, etc.).

4.4 View the "My messages" section

In the "My messages" section, users can view messages exchanged with the various administrations for the purposes of their procedures, and messages with attached documents (eDelivery).

The eDelivery service allows the administration to communicate with the user and send them electronic "eDocuments" (for example the details of a refund).

Users can sign up for this service in the "My data" section. Once they have done so, they will receive an e-mail notification whenever a document is uploaded to their private eSpace.


This service is currently limited to certain procedures only.

 Documents received from the administration by eDelivery are considered an authentic source, and can therefore be viewed in the "My data" section.


Documents received by eDelivery will not be deleted if the eDelivery message is deleted.

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