Do I need my LuxTrust product or my electronic identity card (eID) to use the mobile application?

You only need your LuxTrust product or electronic identity card (eID) to link your MyGuichet.lu account with the mobile application. Once your MyGuichet.lu account has been linked, you can unlock the mobile application with:

  • your 6-character password chosen at the time of linking the account with the device; or
  • one of the biometric features offered by your smartphone or tablet (facial recognition or fingerprint).
Can I link the mobile application on my smartphone or tablet with several MyGuichet.lu accounts (e.g. my parents' account) at the same time?

No, the linking of several MyGuichet.lu accounts is not possible. You can only link the application with a single MyGuichet.lu account tied to a 13-digit national identification number (matricule).

You can use the mobile app to directly consult and download the CovidCheck Certificates of your minor children from your private eSpace. However, in this case, the minor children must be registered at the same address as you.

Can I create a MyGuichet.lu account using the mobile application on my device if I am a new user?

No, it is not possible to create a new MyGuichet.lu account (private or business eSpace) directly with the mobile application.

MyGuichet.lu accounts can only be created in the browser on a computer (desktop or laptop computer). You can find the different steps to create an account on this page.

Can I use the mobile application from a smartwatch, such as an Apple Watch?

No, the MyGuichet.lu mobile application is currently not available for smartwatches.

Is the mobile application free of charge?

Yes, the MyGuichet.lu mobile application can be downloaded free of charge on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Does my smartphone or tablet need to be connected to the internet in order to use the mobile application?

Yes, the device (smartphone or tablet) on which the MyGuichet.lu mobile application is installed must be connected to the internet in order to access the various features.

Is my smartphone or tablet compatible with the mobile application?

In order to use the MyGuichet.lu mobile application, you will need a smartphone or tablet that has the following:

  • a camera; and
  • iOS 11.0 or Android 6.0 operating systems or higher.
To download the MyGuichet.lu mobile application, you need a customer account on either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
Which procedures can be completed with the mobile application?

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