University of Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg is an international research-oriented university with a multilingual and interdisciplinary character. Its missions include both fundamental and applied research, higher education and contribution to the social, cultural and economic development of the country.

Its students can choose from 18 Bachelors programmes, 46 Masters programmes and 4 Doctorate programmes.

Its research focuses in particular on the key areas of digital transformation, medicine and health, as well as sustainable and sustainable and societal development.

The University has 3 Faculties (the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine; the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance; the Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences) and 3 interdisciplinary research centres (Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust - SnT; Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine - LCSB; Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History - C²DH).

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