The National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques - STATEC) is an administration placed under the authority of the Ministry of the Economy. However, it is scientifically and professionally independent, which means that STATEC sets its own working agenda in accordance with national and European statistical legislation, produces and disseminates data in complete neutrality.

Its purpose is to provide public- and private-sector decision-makers and citizens with a high-quality public statistics service. STATEC is committed to producing statistics, analyses and studies that present a detailed, faithful and objective picture of Luxembourg society.

STATEC is in charge of the Luxembourg statistical system, which is organised according to the principle of statistical centralisation.

Every 10 years, STATEC, in collaboration with the communal administrations, conducts a general census to collect basic information on the populace which can help guide the choices made regarding demographic and family policies, education, transport and public facilities (such as schools, crèches and hospitals).

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