National Office for Children

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, the National Office for Children (Office national de l'enfance - ONE) is an administrative body that aims to provide high-quality aid to children and their families.

The ONE handles the prevention and early management of situations of psycho-social distress in children, young adults and families. It focuses primarily on individual assistance to those who are affected.

The ONE's involvement is based on cooperation with parents, legal guardians or the child's close friends. The ONE is designed to prevent danger to children or young people and to protect them from neglect or abuse.

The ONE is the main contact for information and guidance for users and aid providers. Users may be attended in person, preferably by appointment.

The ONE cooperates with the "Jugendämter" in Germany, the "Aide sociale à l’enfance (ASE)" of local General Councils in France and the "Services d’aide à la jeunesse (SAJ)" in Belgium.

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