National Institute for Languages

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, the National Institute for Languages (Institut national des langues - INL) is the legal successor of the Language Centre.  

The main aims of the National Institute for Languages are:

  • first and foremost, to offer language courses to adults. Thus, it helps improve not only language skills, but also the social cohesion and employability of all people living in Luxembourg;
  • through agreements with various international institutions, the Institute for Languages is the Official Certification Centre for international testing and examinations in foreign languages;
  • the Institute is also the National Certification Centre for regulated diplomas and certificates for the Luxembourgish language.
  • the INL organises Luxembourgish language tests required for the acquisition of Luxembourg nationality;
  • the Institute provides training for Luxembourgish language teachers, in conjunction with the University of Luxembourg.
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