Zentrum fir politesch Bildung

The Zentrum fir politesch Bildung (centre for political education) is an independent foundation created in 2016. It aims to promote active and participative citizenship.

Its objectives are:

  • Learning: the centre makes available educational material and activities on political and societal themes. The centre also offers continuous training in this field.
  • Understanding: it aims to help understand the democratic processes and the societal challenges through publications, conferences, debates, exhibitions, etc.
  • Participating: it stimulates participation by organising projects in order to encourage young people to engage in the political process. It follows up on the implementation or the strengthening of democratic structures.

Its programme is aimed at young people, enablers and the public in general and it can offer:

  • Study guides: e.g. duerchbléck! Politik verstoen;
  • Training and continuous training;
  • Educational workshops, e.g. the simulation DemocraCity;
  • Conferences and debates, such as the series Film&Politik and Walfer Gespréicher;
  • Expertise in terms of education in citizenship.
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