European Consumer Centre EIG

The European Consumer Centre Luxembourg (CEC Luxembourg) EIG is part of a network with 30 European Consumer Centres in the European Union, Iceland and Norway (European Consumer Centre Network – ECC-Net).

CEC Luxembourg fulfils several tasks:

  • it supports and advises consumers in cross-border disputes with companies based in other EU Member States;
  • it informs consumers of their rights and responsibilities through talks, information sessions, brochures, 'midis des consommateurs' (consumer lunch) sessions, etc.

CEC Luxembourg handles cross-border disputes between consumers and professionals, and informs consumers of their rights and obligations (talks, information sessions, brochures, information stands at trade fairs, midis des consommateurs at the Maison de l'Europe, etc.). It aims to bring about amicable solutions to disputes between consumers and professionals, but does not have the authority to initiate legal proceedings.

The CEC Luxembourg benefits from financial support from the European Commission, the Luxembourg State (Ministry of the Economy) as well as from the Luxembourg Consumer Association (Union luxembourgeoise des consommateurs - ULC).

This mandate given to the EIG (Economic Interest Grouping) to operate as CEC Luxembourg is regularly renewed, and has just been extended for the next 4 years, i.e. for the period from 2018 to 2021 by the Ministry of the Economy, responsible for CEC Luxembourg. This designation procedure meets the eligibility criteria requested by the European Commission and guarantees the required transparency.

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