National Pension Insurance Fund

The National Pension Insurance Fund (Caisse nationale d’assurance pension – CNAP) is the contact point for all persons insured under the general scheme (employees and non-salaried workers such as self-employed persons) for any questions regarding pension insurance.

This fund handles the granting of the following benefits

  • old-age pensions; 
  • disability pension; 
  • funeral allowances, survivor's pension and orphan pension in the event of death of the contributor.

The CNAP was born from the merging  of the following 4 general pension funds: 

  • the Private-Sector Workers’ Pension Fund (Caisse de pension des employés privés – CPEP); 
  • the old-age and disability insurance institution (Etablissement d'assurance contre la vieillesse et l'invalidité – AVI); 
  • the Craftsmens’, Retailers’ and Manufacturers’ Pension Insurance Fund (Caisse de pension des artisans, des commerçants et industriels – CPACI); 
  • the Agricultural Workers’ Pension Fund (

The CNAP carries out all the operations of the former sectoral pension funds at its headquarters in Luxembourg City.

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