Pension funds in Luxembourg

All persons who are working professionally or receive replacement income are covered by the general pension scheme and are registered with the National Pension Insurance Fund (Caisse nationale d'assurance pension – CNAP), with the exception of civil servants. Government employees (agents of the State, the communes or the national rail operator CFL) have a special pension scheme and are registered with a fund specific to their status.

The purpose of the pension funds is to dispense the following benefits:

  • old-age pension;
  • disability benefit;
  • survivor's pension.

Under the special pension scheme, the agents of the State, the commune and the CFL, who have a special legislatory statute, are covered by 3 bodies: respectively, the State Centre for Human Resources and Organisation Management (Centre de gestion du personnel et de l'organisation de l'Etat), the Contingency Fund for Civil Servants and Commune Employees (Caisse de prévoyance des fonctionnaires et employés communaux), and the Division for Retired Personnel of the SNFCL (Division du personnel retraité de la SNCFL).


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