National health professionals reserve - fixed-term contracts for self-employed general practitioners and specialists

Coronavirus / Covid-19

In the context of the organisation of the health system during the Covid-19 pandemic, a self-employed general practitioner or a person practising a health profession in a self-employed capacity were given the possibility to conclude a fixed-term contract in order to work as an employee of the state from 4 April until 29 May 2020.

This option is now closed.

Further details about the duty lines and the general organisation of the health care system during the Covid-19 pandemic can be found here.

Persons concerned

The option of a fixed-term contract as an employee of the state is open to self-employed general practitioners and specialists available throughout the Grand Duchy who are currently in practice but not included in a duty line, whether at a hospital or elsewhere.

Procedure for doctors to conclude a fixed-term contract as an employee of the state   


To be able to take up this option, the doctor must hold a licence to practise as a doctor issued by the member of the Luxembourg Government with responsibility for health.

These fixed-term contracts are for doctors currently in private practise who, for the duration of their contract as an employee of the state, do not have another contractual relationship as a salaried employee with a monthly workload of more than 50 %. This also applies to parental leave in excess of 50 %.


Fixed-term contracts may be concluded from 4 April 2020 onwards. The contracts will run until 29 May 2020. The last day for concluding a fixed-term contract was 3 May 2020.

It should be noted that the contract takes effect on the day after signature, on condition that the licence to practise is valid. If a licence has lapsed, the person concerned will be informed that the fixed-term contract will not take effect.

Example: A doctor goes through the procedure on 5 April 2020, and signs and sends on the application the same day. If his/her licence to practice is valid and the application countersigned by the Minister for Health, the contract takes effect on 6 April 2020. The contract will in all cases remain valid until 29 May 2020.


The workload laid down in the contract corresponds to 16 hours per week, i.e. a minimal workload of 40 %.

If necessary, and if both parties are agreed, the number of work hours may be increased and even reach a workload of 100 % (full-time position). The national medical coordinator may assign the doctors concerned to the various duty lines according to requirements throughout the Grand Duchy.


The remuneration is 560 index points, equivalent to EUR 4,280 gross per month (for a 40 % workload).

Doctors will also receive:

  • an allowance for meals amounting to EUR 204 net, calculated pro rata on the basis of a 40 % workload;
  • as appropriate, a family allowance amounting to EUR 554, calculated pro rata on the basis of a 40 % workload;
  • a doctoral bonus amounting to EUR 382 - calculated pro rata on the basis of a 40 % workload - if the doctoral qualification is listed in the register of certificates and classed as Level 8 in the Grand Duchy's framework of qualifications provided for in the amended Law of 28 October 2016 on the recognition of professional qualifications (compulsory registration document);
  • the proportion of the end-of-year bonus ('13th month') corresponding to the duration of the fixed-term contract.
It should be noted that information on applying for the family allowance and the doctoral bonus will be sent to the doctor by the State Centre for Human Resources and Organisation Management ( Centre de Gestion du Personnel et de l’Organisation de l’Etat - CGPO) once the contract has been concluded.


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