Other healthcare professions

Several healthcare professions can be carried out in Luxembourg without needing a licence to practise from the Ministry the Health.

However, these professions may be subject to a business permit or the registration of the diploma in the register of certificates.

Who is concerned

Professions concerned

There are several unregulated healthcare professions such as:

  • psychologist;
  • homeopath;
  • naturopath;
  • chiropractor;
  • sophrologist;
  • alternative medicine;
  • tooth whitening professional, etc.

Who is concerned

A professional healthcare practitioner who wishes to settle and practise in Luxembourg must be a national of:

  • an EU Member State; or
  • a State of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway), or Switzerland; or
  • a third country, and:


The professional, whatever their activity, also has to hold a Luxembourg or foreign diploma entitling them to practise the profession in question.

Preliminary steps

Before the healthcare professional can start their activity, they may have to apply for a business permit or proceed with the registration of their diploma in the register of certificates.

How to proceed

Unregulated healthcare professions can be carried out without authorisation from the Ministry of Health.

However, practising an unregulated healthcare profession may include certain acts, procedures or techniques which may fall under under the scope of a regulated healthcare profession.

If this is the case, the professional practising an unregulated healthcare profession and carrying out such acts, procedures or techniques runs the risk of being charged with illegal practise of medicine which is punishable under criminal law.

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