Support for cultural cafés and theatres with year-round cultural programming

The Ministry of Culture is launching a call for projects for cultural cafés and theatres offering year-round cultural programming.

This call for projects provides financial aid to cover the costs of organising and presenting artistic and cultural events on a regular basis.

Who is concerned

The call for projects is aimed at:

  • cultural cafés;
  • theatres;

of small and medium size, which are based in Luxembourg and offer a year-round cultural programme.

The following establishments are not eligible:

  • nightclubs;
  • Horeca establishments without a programme and a location for cultural events;
  • hotels and hostels;
  • piano bars;
  • casinos.


Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, the applicant must :

  • be a legal person ;
  • have been in business for at least 5 years and have solid and proven experience in the field of cultural events;
  • meet the requirements for admission to the profession of a drinking establishment operator;
  • comply with current safety regulations and standards;
  • act in compliance with the legislation governing their activities;
  • organise at least 4 cultural activities per month or 50 cultural activities per year;
  • admit the general public to these cultural activities;
  • be the organiser of these cultural activities;
  • generate income for the Luxembourg cultural sector by honouring fees for actors and professionals of the Luxembourg cultural sector;
  • be in economic equilibrium;
  • have a website that provides information on the cultural activities offered at the venue.

Assessment criteria for the granting of the aid

Applications are assessed on the basis of :

  • the relevance of the project, as shown by:
    • the cultural programme's compatibility with the objectives of this aid;
    • the coherence of the artistic focus on the cultural programme and in particular the attention paid to audiences and to supporting the country's up-and-coming artists;
    • the importance given to collaboration with external organisers of cultural events;
    • the balance between technical and financial feasibility of the cultural programme (the financial plan and the economic balance of the programme and the applicant).
  • the quality of the project, as evidenced by:
    • the applicant's experience and competence in the field of cultural events;
    • the coherence and artistic quality of the programme (demanding, innovative, cross-over and diversity of artistic genres and artists);
    • the professionalism and equipment of the venue;
    • the means used for communication and broadcasting activities.
  • the foreseeable benefits of the project, as shown by:
    • contribution to the national cultural sector (payment of royalties, payment of fees, employment of domestically registered cultural actors);
    • the multiplier effects generated by the applicant's activities (contracts assigned to the organisation of the cultural programme, such as technicians, graphic designers, bookers, light and sound engineers, photographers);
    • the scope of the project (local, regional, national or international).


Entities seeking financial aid must submit a complete application by midnight on Sunday 21 November 2021 at the latest.

No applications will be accepted after this date.

How to proceed

Filing an application

The application must be submitted to the Ministry of Culture by email to:

Supporting documents

The file must include the following documents:

  • a formal request for aid, duly motivated and signed ;
  • a document attesting to the establishment of legal personality under Luxembourg law;
  • documents providing information about the cultural events programmed during the last 3 years (type of event, date of the event, etc.);
  • a projected calendar with the cultural programme for the year 2022;
  • a projected budget for the year 2022, detailing in particular the costs relating to cultural programming, all fees, communication costs and costs linked to professional support in terms of communication, public relations and dissemination;
  • a declaration of honour (sworn statement).
  • any other supporting documentation that may be useful for the application.

No application will be processed if the required documents are missing.

Conditions of admissibility and assessment

Applications are admissible:

  • if they are considered complete ;
  • if the compliance of the project with the eligibility criteria does not automatically lead to a subsidy from the State.

A jury composed of agents from the various cultural, financial and legal departments of the Ministry of Culture:

  • assesses applications according to their eligibility;
  • selects the applications that will benefit from the aid;
  • formulates an opinion on the allocation and amount of the aid, based on the predefined assessment criteria.

Amount of aid

The amount of the aid awarded is defined on the basis of:

  • the assessment criteria; and
  • the availability of state budgetary appropriations (the amount of aid may not exceed 50% of the total costs of the programme).

The total amount of this aid scheme is EUR 40,000.


The aid takes the form of a one-off direct payment to the beneficiary, as soon as possible after the aid has been granted.

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