Application for accreditation to carry out energy audits

Energy audits can only be carried out by accredited auditors.

In order to obtain the accreditation, applicants have to meet a certain number of requirements and submit an application for accreditation to the Minister responsible for energy matters.

Once they have been accredited, applicants will be added to the list of accredited auditors published by the Minister responsible for energy matters.

Who is concerned

Each natural or legal person is entitled to apply for accreditation to said Minister.

The designer, provider, developer or entrepreneur of a project, as well as the representatives of these persons, cannot get accreditation.


Applicants must:

  • prove that they:
    • have successfully completed an academic course of a duration of at least 3 years which is sanctioned by a diploma;
    • or have professional experience of at least 5 years in the sector concerned;
  • have the required skills to draw up certificates, reports or any other document which constitutes the material result of the study and verifications carried out;
  • have appropriate technical means and, where applicable, the necessary staff to adequately accomplish the tasks required to perform their mission;
  • have access to the material and information which are necessary to perform their mission properly;
  • be morally, technically and financially independent from the mission entrusted to them;
  • have taken out appropriate professional contractual and extra-contractual third-party liability insurance to cover for the type and level of risk incurred.

How to proceed

Submitting the application for accreditation

Applicants must send their application for accreditation on plain paper to the Minister responsible for energy matters together with the following supporting documents:

  • a copy of the professional civil liability insurance, "all damages" included, covering for contractual and extra-contractual civil liability;
  • proof of officially approved diplomas obtained or of professional work experience in the field concerned;
  • proof of knowledge of the regulations concerning the technical tasks stated in the application (e.g. references for accomplished work, training, etc.);
  • a list of references for work/missions recently conducted in relation with the area(s) of competence(s) applied for;
  • a list of appropriate technical means and equipment, and, where applicable, of the necessary staff to adequately accomplish the technical tasks in relation with their mission;
  • a certificate attesting their independence, i.e. that they are morally, technically and financially independent from the mission entrusted to them;
  • for legal persons, a copy of the publication of the articles of association.

Renewal or modification of the accreditation

The accreditation expires after 5 years. The accredited auditor must apply for the renewal of their accreditation on plain paper at least 3 months prior to its expiration and attach a copy of a professional liability insurance contract.

They may request the modification of their accreditation any time by joining the same documents as for a new application for accreditation.

List of accredited auditors

The Minister responsible for energy matters publishes the list of accredited auditors.

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