Living and working in Luxembourg for third-country nationals and their family members

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Third-country nationals (i.e. who are not citizens of an EU Member State) are required to complete certain administrative formalities in order to stay and work, if applicable, in Luxembourg.

The formalities to be completed in Luxembourg vary according to:

  • the duration of their stay;
  • the professional activity of the third-country national;
  • the family ties, where applicable.

Who is concerned

The formalities apply to the persons who intend to:

  • stay in Luxembourg;
  • work in Luxembourg (whether as an employee, self-employed worker or posted worker);
  • study or carry out an internship in Luxembourg;
  • carry out research work in Luxembourg.


In order to lawfully enter Luxembourg, certain third-country nationals have to hold an entry visa.

Third-country nationals who intend to stay in Luxembourg for more than 90 days are required to undergo a medical check.

How to proceed

Stay and work of less than 90 days

Third-country nationals who intend to stay and work in Luxembourg will need a temporary authorisation to stay and a work permit, where applicable.

Carrying out a salaried activity

Depending on the envisaged worker status, the third-country national has to apply for an:

Studies / Internship

Third-country nationals who intend to carry out an internship or study in Luxembourg are required to apply for a specific authorisation to stay.

Family members

Third-country nationals who are joining a family member who is himself an EU citizen lawfully established in Luxembourg benefit from simplified formalities.

Long-term stay

After 5 years of stay in Luxembourg, third-country nationals can apply for long-term resident status.

After 5 years of residence in Luxembourg, third-country nationals who are a family member of an EU citizen can under certain conditions gain the right of permanent residence and be granted a permanent residence permit.

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