Authorisation for priority use of docking sites

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In view of the limited size of available infrastructures, the use of public docking sites is subject to a scheme under which priority rights to use docking sites may be granted.

Any operator or owner of a passenger craft, offering recognised regular transport under an operating permit, requires authorisation to benefit from such priority use of public docking sites. That authorisation (permit) is issued by the Department of Navigation (Service de navigation).

Who is concerned

Operators or owners of passenger vessels.


Priority use of public docking sites may be granted if the passenger vessels:

  • offer recognised, regular transport;
  • are covered by an operating permit.


The permit application must be sent to the Department of Navigation no later than 60 days before its intended date of use.

How to proceed

Filing an application

The permit application is to be sent to the Department of Navigation.

The permit application must state:

  • the name, occupation, company name and address or corporate headquarters of the applicant;
  • the specifications of the vessel (name, official registration number, length, breadth, draught, and capacity in number of persons);
  • name and telephone number of the captain (driver);
  • particulars of docking infrastructures with the times and durations for which they will be occupied.

The application or a modification must be sent, with proof of payment of the tax, to the Department of Navigation:


The amount of the tax is determined as follows:

  • EUR 50: filing charge, payable when lodging an application for priority use of docking sites;
  • EUR 30: charge for modification of the vessel's priority use of docking sites.

The tax must be paid by bank transfer to the account: IBAN LU76 1111 0007 7596 0000, Administration de l'Enregistrement, des Domaines et de la TVA, Bureau Diekirch, including the following mandatory information: Department of Navigation, Name of applicant, Charge for issuing / modification of a permit, name of docking site, name of vessel, year.

Any priority use of docking sites is subject to the payment of an hourly charge. That charge is calculated on the basis of the length of the required dock front (that is, the length of the vessel) and the duration of its mooring.


The validity of the permit is limited to one year. The permit entitles the vessel to priority use of the docking structures for the specific dates stated.

The permit expires:

  • when the priority granted ceases to be used;
  • when necessary for the proper operation of the docking infrastructure;
  • on the express condition that the cat. III water level indicator is not exceeded, or that the dock structure is not flooded.


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