Iraq – Sanctions and restrictive measures

Last updated on 15 January 2020

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The information on this page is limited to the restrictive measures imposed against the country in question. They are to be understood without prejudice to other provisions of the Law of 27 June 2018 which applies, in general, to goods and transactions covered by the Law of 27 June 2018 on export control, and must therefore be read in conjunction with the latter provisions.

Iraqi cultural property and other items of archaeological, historical, cultural, rare scientific and religious importance Notes 1 and 2

Export Sale Transit Transfer Import Purchase Brokering Technical assistance Supply
Prohibited Authorised Authorised Authorised Prohibited Authorised Authorised Authorised Authorised
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European legislation

Luxembourg legislation

Explanatory notes

Note 1: The prohibition also covers the dealing in such goods (Regulation 1210/2003, Article 3.1.c.).

Note 2: Exemptions from the prohibition do apply under certain conditions (Regulation 1210/2003, Article 3.2.).

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