Agri-food products - Export certificate (AGREX)

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Following the new law of 27 June 2018 on export controls as published in the Mémorial A No 603 of 20 July 2018, some information is no longer correct; a legal update of the relevant texts and forms is currently in progress.
For more information, please contact the Office for Export, Import and Transit Controls ( Office du contrôle des exportations, importations et du transit - OCEIT), formerly called the Licensing Office.



In order to export certain agri-food products outside the European Union (EU), exporters:

  • first have to apply for an AGREX Export certificate which will enable the European Union to track the export of agri-food products;
  • may apply for a refund (reimbursement) which is meant to compensate for the price difference of said products in the EU and outside the EU.

In Luxembourg, these certificates and refunds are managed by the Office for Export, Import and Transit Controls.

Who is concerned

Exporters established in Luxembourg must apply for AGREX certificates to export certain products included in the common agricultural policy (CAP), in particular:

  • certain animal products: bovine, caprine, kid, ovine, swine, poultry, eggs and dairy products (butter, milk);
  • and certain plant products: cereals (spelt, common wheat, rye, barley, oat, maize, wheat, and oilseeds).
Agri-food products which require an AGREX Export certificate are listed in annex II, parts II and III of regulation (EC) 376/2008 as amended. The annex namely indicates:


In some cases, the Office for Export, Import and Transit Controls may require a deposit covering the transaction costs.

The deposit will be refunded once the transaction has been fully completed and within the planned timeframe.

How to proceed

Application for the AGREX certificate

Exporters must send an application for an AGREX certificate to the Office for Export, Import and Transit Controls.

The application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • an explanatory letter;
  • a detailled invoice;
  • a health certificate (for animal products);
  • where applicable:

The Office for Export, Import and Transit Controls reserves the right to request any additional document which may help examine the application.

AGREX certificates issued by the Office for Export, Import and Transit Controls indicate, where applicable, the refund rate granted to the exporter.

Refund application

When the export transaction is completed, the operator who is entitled to a refund must provide the Office for Export, Import and Transit Controls with the application for the refund together with the documents confirming the completed export:

  • transport documents;
  • customs documents certifying the export outside the EU customs territory;
  • or documents certifying delivery of the goods.

Where needed, a certified translation of these documents may be requested.

There are currently no agri-food products which give entitlement to a refund.

Who to contact

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