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Last update 17.03.2020

In addition to the Fit 4 Digital programme, a programme to support the digital transition has been specifically developed for very small enterprises (très petites entreprises - TPE) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).


The Fit 4 Digital Packages programme is to obtain personalised assistance provided by a neutral body, i.e. the expertise of the service providers approved by Luxinnovation, and financial support from the General Directorate for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises at the Ministry of the Economy.



Who is concerned

Each company:

  • with a business permit;
  • with a headcount of less than 50 employees;
  • their registered office in Luxembourg;
  • that does not engage in activities excluded from state aid measures such as businesses in the fishing sector, or in the transformation or marketing industry.

Furthermore, Fit 4 Digital Packages is particularly aimed at businesses that:

  • wish to:
    • increase their visibility and reputation online; or
    • facilitate their prospecting and customer retention, as well as increase their sales; or
    • facilitate their day-to-day work and optimise their internal performance; or
  • be present on Letzshop and wish to improve their inventory management.

Preliminary steps

Companies interested in the Fit 4 Digital Packages programme should first contact the House of Entrepreuneurship.

In this case, a digital maturity assessment will be carried out. This pre-analysis is called " Digital Quick Check " and can be accessed on the website https://www.houseofentrepreneurship.lu/godigital/

Once these steps have been completed, a consultant from the House of Entrepreneurship comes to visit the company and discuss the project.

The company also receives a list of Luxinnovation approved service providers.


To benefit from the Fit 4 Digital programme, the company must pay a minimum package price of EUR 6.650 excluding VAT. However, it is entitled to a one-off reimbursement of EUR 5,000.

How to proceed

Submitting the application

The company must apply online on the website of Luxinnovation with the help of the House of Entrepreneurship's consultant.

During this step, the company can choose the package adapted to their project and their needs, such as:

  • digital marketing;
  • customer management;
  • organisational management.

The company must also choose a Luxinnovation approved expert for the implementation of the project.

However, the application will then first have to be validated. In the case of a positive response, the company will receive a confirmation of eligibility from Luxinnovation.

In order to submit the application online, it is necessary to have the following documents at hand:


Once the project has been validated by Luxinnovation, the approved expert chosen by the copany will implement the digital solutions selected within the framework of the package.

Amount of aid

The amount of financial aid granted by the General Directorate for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of the Ministry of the Economy for the implementation of the selected digital tool is a single amount of EUR 5,000 excluding VAT.

In practice, the company contacts Luxinnovation and the House of Entrepreneurship again after the implementation of the package for an assessment. After the assessment, an implementation report is issued by Luxinnovation and sent, along with the invoice, to the Ministry of the Economy.

The company is therefore reimbursed after the package has been implemented.

Assessment of the programme

At the end of the implementation of the project, the company must assess its experience with the programme. This step is carried out in close collaboration with Luxinnovation and the House of Entrepreneurship.


A negative decision in response to an application for financial aid is an administrative decision against which the usual means of appeal (non-contentious appeal, judicial appeal) may be pursued, provided the legal deadlines are complied with.

It is also possible to turn to the Ombudsman.

Who to contact

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