Free public transport for students of a higher education institution (Studentenabo)

Students under the age of 30 who are enrolled in a higher education institution are entitled to free public transport.

This includes students in Luxembourg (registered e.g. at, Lunex university in Differdange...) as well as students attending a higher education institution abroad.

How to apply

First application

To benefit from free public transport, beneficiaries must provide:

  • a recent passport photograph;
  • a copy of an ID card/passport;
  • proof of enrollment at a university;
  • the "Studentenabo" order form, duly completed and signed.

These documents must be submitted to:

  • by post to the following Mobilitéitszentral:
L-2016 Luxembourg;

Beneficiaries will receive their card within a maximum of 10 working days.


The beneficiary has to:

  • complete and sign the "Studentenabo" order form;
  • provide proof of enrollment at a university;
  • provide a copy of an ID card/passport.

The application must be transmitted by post to:

L-2016 Luxembourg;

The beneficiary's request will be processed within a maximum of 10 working days.

The beneficiary can then load the new "Studentenabo" on his "mKaart" via "Pick Up".

Loss or theft

A "Studentenabo" can be replaced:

Please note that the replacement card costs EUR 25.

Terms of use

The card is valid from 1 August of a given year until 4 am on 1 November of the following year.

The card is valid for an unlimited number of journeys and on all public transport.

It is nominative and non-transferable.

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