National tickets for public transportation

There are several types of national tickets for the Luxembourg public transportation network (AVL, RGTR, TICE and CFL). They come in paper form, as plastic cards, or on the mKaart electronic card:

  • short-duration ticket (valid for 2 hours);
  • long-duration ticket for 1, 2 or 3 days (valid until 04.00 on the following day, the day after that or the third day);
  • monthly short distance subscription (valid from the day of validation to the same day of the following month at 4 am);
  • monthly subscription for the whole network;
  • annual subscriptions with personalised cards (Jumbo-, Joresstrecken-, Joresabo-, and Seniorekaart, Jugendabo, Studentenabo).
All public transport users must ensure they have a valid ticket for the whole duration of their journey. A user who is unable to present a valid ticket when requested by an officer is required to pay an administrative fine of EUR 150.

Tickets that are not used or were used only partially will not be refunded.


Tickets and subscriptions must be stamped in the machine before use.

Short-duration ticket (Kuerzzäitbilljee)

Short-duration tickets are valid throughout the Luxembourg public transport network for a maximum of 2 hours.

They are also available by texting 'A' to 64222 using an unrestricted Luxembourg mobile phone.

They are also available on the mobile application of the Verkéiersverbond website.

Long-duration ticket (Dagesbilljee)

The "long-duration" ticket exists as:

  • "1 day" ("Dagesbilljee");
  • "2 days" ("2-Dagesbilljee");
  • "3 days" ("3-Dagesbilljee").

"Long-duration" tickets are valid for an unlimited number of journeys on all routes operated by the public transport networks.

The "1 day", "2 days" and "3 days" tickets are also sold for groups of up to 5 people traveling together.

"1 day" tickets are valid for one calendar day, from the time of the first validation until 4 am of the following day.

These tickets are also available in books of 5 tickets.

"2 days" tickets are valid for 2 calendar days, from the moment of the first validation until 4 am of the day after next.

"3 days" tickets are valid for 3 calendar days, from the moment of the first validation until 4 am of the day after the day after next.


Two types of subscriptions are available: monthly and annual subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions are not single-user, whereas annual subscriptions are.

Monthly short-distance subscription (Kuerzstreckekaart)

Monthly short-distance subscriptions are valid for an unlimited number of trips over a distance not exceeding 6 distance units on the map of the whole network. They are valid from the date on which they are stamped until 04:00 on the same day of the following month.

Customers must fill in the trip for which their short-distance subscription is valid in the space provided.

Monthly City-Kaart

The monthly City-Kaart subscription offers an unlimited number of bus trips across the Luxembourg City Bus Service network.

Annual short-distance subscriptions (Joeresstreckenabo)

The annual "short distance" subscription can be issued to any person at the counters of public transport operators.

It is valid on a limited and defined route. The route for which it is valid must be marked on it.

The maximum distance that can be considered is defined by the network map.

Annual network subscription (Joeresabo)

Annual network subscriptions are valid for an unlimited number of trips starting on the date indicated on the subscription and ending at 04:00 on the same day in the following year.

Annual subscriptions for senior citizens (Seniorekaart)

The annual subscription for senior citizens is valid for persons aged 60 or over.

The mKaart

The mKaart is a chip card which may be loaded with electronic tickets valid throughout Luxembourg's public transport network.

Up to 8 tickets may be loaded on the mKaart at any one time.

The user may chose between the following types of tickets:

  • short-duration ticket;
  • set of 10 short-duration tickets;
  • long-duration ticket;
  • set of 5 long-duration tickets;
  • monthly short-distance subscription;
  • monthly subscription for the full network;
  • monthly City-Kaart subscription;
  • first-class upgrades.

The mKaart chip card can be topped up at points of sale, at automatic ticket machines or through the mShop.

Points for sale for purchasing tickets

Books of tickets, subscriptions and the mKaart can be purchased from the following ticket offices:

  • Mobilitéitszentral (Mobility Centre);
  • Reception Desk for Bus Services (Infobox);
  • ticket offices and railway stations of the National Railway Company (Société nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois – CFL);
  • ticket office of the Intercommunal Tramway Authority (syndicat des Tramways Intercommunaux du Canton d'Esch (TICE) at Esch-sur-Alzette railway station.

mTicket mobile app

Short- and long-duration tickets are available through the mTicket mobile app and other mobile interfaces.

Thus, users may buy individual tickets or books of tickets directly through the app, securely and conveniently, using the DIGICASH online payment service.

The ticket is stored on the user's smartphone. To 'stamp' it, users touch their phone to the reader before boarding the bus or the train.

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