Which tickets and passes are valid for using public transport in Luxembourg?

I want to buy or sell a car. What are the mandatory administrative procedures?

How do I obtain a licence plate? What is the points-based driving licence? When do I need to take my car to the vehicle inspection?

How can I assert my rights as a passenger on a train, boat, plane or coach, particularly in the event of delay or cancellation, or if I am disabled or have reduced mobility?

This section informs you about subscriptions to the various public transport services in Luxembourg (bus, tram and train) as well as about all the procedures for filing complaints related to the transport of air, rail, road, inland waterway and maritime passengers.

It also describes all the procedures to be carried out by the holder of a personal vehicle with regard to driving licences, vehicle importation and registration, as well as in the event of an accident or violation of the highway code.


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