Application for social support after a natural disaster

Social support initiatives are solidarity actions aimed at resident populations who find themselves in a financially fragile situation. The social support measure implemented is only intended to provide the disaster victims who have their main residence at the place of the disaster with the necessary basic equipment and necessities.

Who is concerned

The aid is for the persons affected who have their main residence at the place of the disaster and who are in a financially fragile situation.


Applications must be submitted by 1 March 2020 at the latest.

How to proceed

Filing an application

Applications for social support have to be submitted to:

Ministère de la Famille, de l’Intégration et de la Grande Région
L-2919 Luxembourg
Fax: 26 20 37 54
Email :

Supporting documents

Different documents must be submitted together with the application:

  • a copy of the payslips for wages or salaries, respectively account statements of allowance payments for each member of the household and/or the income tax statement for 2018;
  • a copy of the letter from the insurance;
  • for commonholds: 
    • a copy of the letter from the insurance regarding the commonhold;
    • the breakdown of the costs regarding the commonhold and detailed information on the ownership interests.
  • where applicable: documents regarding maintenance/support payments;

Several optional supporting documents may be attached to the application:

  • copies of receipted invoices and/or quotations;
  • photos of the damages.

For commonholds, applications submitted jointly are not admissible. They have to be submitted individually by each owner having their main place of residence in the building.

Amount of aid

The amount of aid is depending on:

  • the extent and nature of the damages;
  • the household's financial situation;
  • the number of dependent persons in the household.

Expenses not covered

The following are not taken into account when assessing the damages:

  • the insured damages;
  • the following goods:
    •  motor vehicles, bicycles;
    • secondary residences and/or rented out property;
    • caravans and mobile homes;
    • accessory kitchen and bathroom equipment;
    • luxury goods;
    • art objects;
    • sports and leisure equipment;
    • books;
    • garden sheds, greenhouses, plantations, fruit trees;
    • saunas, swimming pools, solariums;
    • cellar furniture.

Psycho-traumatic support measures

In addition to the financial aid measure, the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region also offers psycho-traumatic support measures to the victims of the natural disaster in the South of Luxembourg.

The permanent psycho-traumatic support team (Groupe permanent d’encadrement psycho-traumatologique - GPEPT) consists of experts with extended training and experience in the field of human care and more particularly in the fields of psychotherapy and psychotraumatology.

The GPEPT ensures, among other tasks, the medium and long-term psychotherapeutic and socio-educational support of victims of collective disasters with traumatic consequences.

In the event of need, the persons concerned may contact the secretariat of the "Solidarity" division at the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region (Tel: (+352) 247-86523 / email:

Forms / Online services

Antrag zur Bewilligung einer sozialen Hilfe infolge einer Naturkatastrophe

Ihre in diesem Formular erfassten personenbezogenen Informationen werden von der zuständigen Verwaltungsbehörde verarbeitet, um Ihren Antrag erfolgreich abzuschließen.

Diese Informationen werden von der Behörde für den zur Verarbeitung erforderlichen Zeitraum gespeichert.

Die Empfänger Ihrer Daten sind die im Rahmen Ihres Antrags zuständigen Verwaltungsbehörden. Um die Empfänger der in diesem Formular erfassten Daten zu erfahren, wenden Sie sich bitte an die für Ihren Antrag zuständige Behörde.

Gemäß der Verordnung (EU) 2016/679 zum Schutz natürlicher Personen bei der Verarbeitung personenbezogener Daten und zum freien Datenverkehr haben Sie das Recht auf Zugang, Berichtigung und gegebenenfalls Löschung Ihrer personenbezogenen Informationen. Sie haben zudem das Recht, Ihre erteilte Einwilligung jederzeit zu widerrufen.

Weiterhin können Sie, außer in Fällen, in denen die Verarbeitung Ihrer Daten verpflichtend ist, Widerspruch einlegen, wenn dieser rechtmäßig begründet ist.

Wenn Sie diese Rechte ausüben und/oder Einsicht in Ihre Informationen nehmen möchten, können Sie sich unter den im Formular angegebenen Kontaktdaten an die zuständige Verwaltungsbehörde wenden. Sie haben außerdem die Möglichkeit, bei der Nationalen Kommission für den Datenschutz Beschwerde einzulegen (Commission nationale pour la protection des données, 1, Avenue du Rock'n'Roll, L-4361 Esch-sur-Alzette).

Wenn Sie Ihren Vorgang fortsetzen, akzeptieren Sie damit, dass Ihre personenbezogenen Daten im Rahmen Ihres Antrags verarbeitet werden.

Demande en vue de l'obtention d'une aide sociale suite à une catatrophe naturelle

To complete your application, the information about you collected from this form needs to be processed by the public administration concerned.

That information is kept by the administration in question for as long as it is required to achieve the purpose of the processing operation(s).

Your data will be shared with other public administrations that are necessary for the processing of your application. For details on which departments will have access to the data on this form, please contact the public administration you are filing your application with.

Under the terms of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, you have the right to access, rectify or, where applicable, remove any information relating to you. You are also entitled to withdraw your consent at any time.

Additionally, unless the processing of your personal data is compulsory, you may, with legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of such data.

If you wish to exercise these rights and/or obtain a record of the information held about you, please contact the administration in question using the contact details provided on the form. You are also entitled to file a claim with the National Commission for Data Protection (Commission nationale pour la protection des données), headquartered at 1, Avenue du Rock'n'Roll, L-4361 Esch-sur-Alzette.

By submitting your application, you agree that your personal data may be processed as part of the application process.

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