Informing the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of your stay abroad (Lëtzebuerger am Ausland)

Last update 25.05.2018

During punctual or prolonged journeys abroad (European Union or other), more or less serious and unpleasant events cannot be excluded from happening.

Should this be the case, Luxembourg nationals can request consular assistance from a competent diplomatic or consular mission.

In order to best benefit from this assistance, travelers have the opportunity to report their trips to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MAEE), which will then be able to be more responsive.

Who is concerned

Residents of Luxembourg nationality, as well as persons of another nationality who are accompanying them, can declare their temporary stay abroad (European Union or third country).

Luxembourgers who leave Luxembourg to reside abroad permanently also have the possibility of notifying this to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

This declaration is not mandatory.


The registration procedure with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs is free.

How to proceed

Declaration of stay

The declaration of stay or residence abroad is carried out using an online assistant available on

The declaration can be made without authentication with a LuxTrust certificate.

The interested person can:

  • declare a temporary stay abroad; or
  • declare that they intend to reside abroad permanently.

The declarant has to provide several elements of information (some of which optional):

  • the type of stay they undertake:
    • temporary stay, with one or more legs;
    • permanent residence abroad;
  • the address or addresses of the places of stay abroad, as well as the dates;
  • the means of transport used to travel abroad;
  • personal data (national identification number, surname, first name);
  • whether they travel alone or accompanied;
  • an email address where they can be reached;
  • a contact person in Luxembourg;

The declarant also has the possibility to submit other remarks and observations to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, such as his health insurance provider, the name of the hotel, specific needs.

If the trip involves visiting several countries or places within the same country, it is possible to make a single declaration for all destinations.

In the same way, it is possible, for the same journey, to declare several people in a single declaration. Thus, for example, in the case of a school trip or an organised trip, only one person will be able to register all the participants.

The declaration made can be canceled or modified at any time.

Why make such a declaration?

Declaring your stay or permanent residence abroad to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MAEE) can be useful at several levels:

  • declared persons will receive practical information on the country or countries they plan to visit (for instance, new conditions of entry or stay may have been introduced by the destination country);
  • registered persons will also receive an email from the MAEE with the addresses of the Luxembourg diplomatic and consular missions;
  • standard consular services provided by diplomatic and consular missions will be easier to carry out (declaration of loss of document and issue of a new document);
  • in the event of a request for consular assistance, the MAEE and the diplomatic and consular representations can react more quickly;
  • in the event of an emergency or crisis situation in the country in which a declared person is staying, the MAEE and the diplomatic and consular representation in that country already have their contact details and will thus be able to contact them in order to provide them with assistance or advice;
  • where applicable, the MAEE can also contact the contact person in Luxembourg who has been designated by the traveler or resident abroad in order to inform them of any problems;
  • in the case of permanent residence abroad, the registered person can also ask to receive information about elections in Luxembourg, etc.

Data protection

Declared personal data is processed in accordance with the amended law on data protection.

Personal data entered by the declarant will be deleted from the system 2 weeks after the end of the stay abroad.

For Luxembourg nationals who have their permanent residence abroad, the data are kept until the declarant states otherwise, or until the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs or a diplomatic or consular mission becomes aware of a change of residence.

Under the law on data protection, the declarant has several rights regarding his personal data. He has a right to:

  • information
  • access;
  • rectification;
  • and deletion of his data.

To exercise these rights, the person concerned must contact the Directorate of Consular Affairs and International Cultural Relations of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

Who to contact

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