Declaring a birth


As part of the fight against the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Government has decided to suspend the time limits in jurisdictional matters as well as to adapt certain other procedural modalities.

All births must be declared to the civil registrar of the commune where the birth took place within 5 days, excluding the day of the birth. If the last day of this time falls on a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday, the time is extended to the next working day.

N.B. When no declaration is made within this time, a court decision will intervene to establish the birth certificate.

Who is concerned

It is the duty of the father or the mother to declare the birth of the child. In the absence of the parents, the doctors, midwives or any other persons who were present at the birth may make the declaration (upon presentation of the 'notice of birth' issued by the doctor or midwife).

The father who carries out the procedures for declaring the child with the various administrations is entitled to extraordinary leave for:

  • 10 days for private-sector employees;
  • 10 days for civil servants.

The mother does not have the right to extraordinary leave, given that she already benefits from maternity leave.

How to proceed

Declaration to the commune where the birth took place

Items to present when declaring the birth:

  • Married parents:
    • notice of birth issued by a doctor or midwife;
    • family record book or, failing that, a marriage certificate;
    • ID document for the declarer and the mother.
  • Unmarried parents:
    • notice of birth issued by the doctor or midwife;
    • ID document for both parents;
    • joint declaration signed by the parents stating the name to be given to the child (if one of the two parents is of Luxembourg nationality).

For further information, see the sheet: 'Choosing a child's first name and surname'.

Non-Luxembourg nationals

Non-Luxembourgish parents must first declare the child to the commune, then to their consulate or embassy.

Administrative procedures pertaining to the declaration of the newborn child

The birth declarations office will provide the declarer with 8 copies of the birth certificate extract, of which one copy must be given to:

and possibly:

  • the Medical-Surgical Fund (Caisse médico-chirurgicale);
  • the insurance company (life insurance);
  • the Housing Aid Service (Service des aides au logement) of the Housing Ministry (Ministère du Logement) if the interested party receives housing benefit);
  • the embassy or consulate of the country of origin in Luxembourg (for non-Luxembourg nationals).

In addition to birth certificate extracts, the following forms are provided to the declarer and must be sent to the institutions whose address appears on the application:

  • application for family allowances and maternity allowances;
  • application for 'Baby-Year' (24-month deposit for pension insurance).

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