Enrolling a child for private general secondary education

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In addition to public general secondary education, alternative forms of education are offered at post-primary level by some private educational institutions. Parents may enrol their child by paying a fee or by special agreement.

As is the case for public institutions, the aim of general secondary education in private schools is to impart general knowledge in areas such as literature, social sciences and humanities, mathematics and natural sciences. Studies in the upper cycle of secondary education lead to a secondary school diploma – either the Luxembourg version or an international one, both of which are recognised by universities and other higher institutions of higher learning, in Luxembourg and abroad.

Who is concerned

Private general secondary education is appropriate for students who have completed primary education and whose guiding decision certifying satisfactory knowledge in the basic primary subjects recommends this as a possible path.

How to proceed

There are 2 types of private educational institutions in Luxembourg:

  • private schools offering the same syllabi and preparing students for the same diplomas as the country’s public schools. These schools receive government subsidies;
  • international schools and the Waldorf School Luxembourg, which operate according to their own assessment and certification system. These schools form part of the private education system in Luxembourg, and as such, do not receive government subsidies.

7 of the private and international schools in Luxembourg welcome students for general secondary education – namely:

  • the Waldorf School Luxembourg;
  • St. George’s International School;
  • the International School of Luxembourg (ISL);
  • Ecole européenne de Luxembourg (EEL);
  • Ecole Privée Notre-Dame Sainte Sophie (EPND);
  • Ecole Privée Fieldgen; and
  • Lycée Vauban.

All of these schools are located in Luxembourg City. Certain international schools prepare their students for the exams and diplomas of the countries having approved their academic programmes:

  • Lycée Vauban offers the French Baccalauréat;
  • students at ISL can take part in the International Baccalaureate programme, with examinations in English at the end of their studies;
  • the EEL offers the European Baccalaureate, with examinations held at the end of the 7th year of secondary education. The diploma awarded to successful candidates is recognised in all EU countries and in various other countries around the world;
  • as part of the Waldorf School Luxembourg’s general secondary education programme, students can take part in the International Baccalaureate programme or pursue studies leading to the school’s own diploma.

The last 2 schools listed above – Fieldgen, exclusively for girls, and Sainte Sophie, a co-ed institution – offer academic programmes following the official curriculum established by the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth (Ministère de l’Education nationale, de l’Enfance et de la jeunesse – MEN) and prepare students for the State diploma.

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