Registering a young person in the intermediate or higher cycle of private secondary technical education

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In addition to public education, alternative forms of education are available at the intermediate or higher cycle of secondary technical education, offered by some private educational institutions. Parents may enrol their child by paying a fee or through a special agreement.

The intermediate and higher cycles of secondary technical education aim to have students learn a profession and prepare for the higher education cycle. As in public secondary technical colleges, pupils can be steered, from the 10th class onwards, on the basis of their academic performance in the lower cycle, into one of 3 different programmes:

  • the technical programme, in which a secondary school technical diploma is awarded upon successful completion;
  • the technician's programme, which offers a technician's diploma;
  • the professional development programme, which culminates with a professional aptitude diploma (diplôme d'aptitude professionelle – DAP) or a certificate of professional ability (certificat de capacité professionnelle – CCP).

Education in the middle and upper cycles of EST usually lasts between 3 and 5 years.

Who is concerned

The intermediate cycle, i.e. access to the 10th class, is for secondary technical education (EST) pupils who seek direct access to technical qualifications (through a technical or technician's programme) or professional qualifications (professional development programme) and receive a favourable recommendation.

How to proceed

Among the private schools in the country, 5 secondary technical schools accept students during the intermediate and upper levels of secondary technical education (EST):

  • Ecole Privée Marie Consolatrice (EPMC);
  • Lycée technique Sainte Anne;
  • Ecole Privée Fieldgen;
  • Lycée Technique Emile Metz (LTPEM); and
  • Ecole Privée Notre-Dame Sainte Sophie (EPND).

With the help of State subsidies, these 5 institutions offer the same programmes and prepare pupils for the same qualifications as the country's public schools. Four of them offer the 3 education programmes in their curriculum.

Located throughout the country, these private schools offer their courses following the official curricula, and prepare students for the State diplomas.

EPMC, Lycée Sainte Anne and Ecole Fieldgen are all-girls schools. These three institutions, together with the EPND, offer education in various fields, such as paramedical/social, business/management or administration.

The LTPEM provides specialised training in mechanics, electrical engineering and woodworking in professional development and technician's training programmes. This school offers a 2-year course of study that leads to an aircraft maintenance license for students with a CATP or DAP in mechanical or electrical engineering, or who are in the 11th class of the technician's (electrical or mechanical) programme.

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