Enrolling a child in the lower level of private technical secondary education

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In addition to public technical secondary education, alternative forms of education are offered by some private educational institutions, beginning at the lower level of technical secondary education. Parents may enrol their child by paying a fee or through a special agreement.

As is the case for public technical secondary schools, technical secondary education in private schools is divided into 3 levels (lower, intermediate and upper). The lower level encompasses the first 3 class years of technical secondary education, i.e., the class-7, -8 and -9 years (7e, 8e, and 9e). The objectives of the lower level are to:

  • expand and deepen basic knowledge;
  • guide students towards further education and prepare them to pursue studies under the different programmes proposed for the intermediate level;
  • facilitate the transition to working life.

The lower level of technical secondary education generally lasts 3 years.

Who is concerned

The lower level of technical secondary education is appropriate for students who have completed primary education and whose guidance decision (certifying satisfactory knowledge in the basic subjects taught in primary education) recommends this as a possible path.

How to proceed

Private educational institutions in Luxembourg are of 2 types:

  • private schools offering the same academic programmes and preparing students for the same diplomas as the country’s public schools. As a result, these schools receive government subsidies;
  • international schools and the Waldorf School Luxembourg, which operate according to their own evaluation and certification system. These schools are among private institutions in Luxembourg not receiving government subsidies.

There are 5 private schools subsidised by the government offering the lower level of technical secondary education, namely:

  • Ecole Privée Marie Consolatrice (EPMC);
  • Lycée Technique Sainte Anne;
  • Ecole Privée Fieldgen;
  • Lycée Technique Emile Metz (LTPEM); and
  • Ecole Privée Notre-Dame Sainte Sophie (EPND).

Located throughout the country, these schools offer academic programmes following the official curriculum. EPMC, Lycée Sainte Anne and Ecole Fieldgen are exclusively for girls.

All of these schools provide personalised guidance to students, within the lower level and beyond, with the aim of ensuring continuity in their educational experience.

Accordingly, these 5 institutions also offer the intermediate and upper levels of technical secondary education, leading to one of the following 3 streams, depending on the student’s results and the guidance decision:

  • the technical stream;
  • the technician stream;
  • the vocational stream;

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