Managing ID card electronic certificates

When you applied for your electronic ID card, you opted to activate the authentication and electronic signature certificates on your card and accepted the general terms and conditions of use of the certificates.

You will need a card reader

To use these certificates for the available applications, such as MyGuichet, you will need a contactless card reader which can be purchased from the Government IT Centre (Centre des technologies de l'information de l'Etat – CTIE), 11, rue Notre-Dame, L-2240 Luxembourg, or from the local authorities in communes taking part in the initiative, at a cost of EUR 30 per reader.

Download the middleware

Then, you need to download and install a piece of software (known as 'middleware') onto your computer.

To ensure smooth operation, quality, updates and, where applicable, recognition of middleware patches, we recommend that you install the latest available version of the middleware on your computer.

Downloading middleware: Middleware on the Luxtrust website

Once the software is installed on your computer, provided the electronic ID card is detected by the reader, the screen will ask for a secret PIN code to be entered. This code is sent by post to all users who request activation of their electronic ID cards.

Changing the PIN code

You will be asked to change the original PIN code to one of your choice.

You then enter your PIN every time you are asked for authentication by the applications that you wish to access, or to sign a document electronically.

Please note: if you forget your PIN code, you will need the PUK code which was sent to you with the original PIN code and with the 'Challenge'.

If, after having changed your PIN code for the first time, you wish to change it again, you will need to follow a specific procedure.

Managing your certificate

You will be able to keep a handle on the way in which your certificate is managed, for the duration of its validity. Holders of activated ID cards may request suspension, reactivation or revocation of their certificates at any time.


Certificates can be suspended by ringing (+352) 24 550 550 (open 24/7), online, or in person at the CTIE, 11, rue Notre-Dame, L-2240, Luxembourg.


Suspended certificates can be reactivated using the online procedure described below or, in person, at the CTIE.


Certificates can be revoked by calling (+352) 24 550 550 (open 24/7), by going in person to the Government IT Centre (CTIE), 11, rue Notre-Dame, L-2240 - Luxembourg, or by using the online service indicated below:

Revocation of a certificate is final and irreversible.

The suspension or revocation of authentication and signature certificates does not affect the validity of the ID card.

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