Changing the PIN for an electronic identity card

After the Government IT Centre (Centre des technologies de l'information de l'Etat – CTIE) sent you your PIN (Personal Identification Number), your PUK (Personal Unlocking Key code) and your 'challenge', you were required to change the initial PIN provided to a code of your choice.

If you wish to change your PIN again, you must follow a specific procedure.

Windows Operating System:

To change your PIN:

  • Open the MiddleWare 'Classic Client Toolbox' from the 'Start' menu by going to 'Programs' – 'Gemalto';
  • click on 'Card Administration';
  • select 'PIN Management';
  • check the box marked 'Change PIN' and click on the 'Next' button;
  • make sure that the dropdown menu says 'User' and not 'Admin', then enter the 'Current PIN';
  • enter a new PIN in the box labelled 'New PIN'.
You will choose your own new PIN that meets the conditions listed on the right-hand side – namely:
  • must be at least 6 characters long;
  • must be less than or equal to 8 characters long;
  • must contain only numeric characters;
  • must not reuse last PIN code;
  • must not be on the weak PIN list.

You must memorise the new PIN, which will be required to sign into an application (such as MyGuichet) or to sign a document (MS Outlook, MS Word, etc.).

Enter the new PIN once more in the box labelled 'Confirm new PIN'.

Click the button marked 'Change PIN' to complete the process of changing your PIN. Click on 'OK' to end the process of changing your PIN.

Security recommendations

A few recommendations for choosing a good PIN:

  • avoid a string of figures that may be easily guessed, such as your date of birth or telephone number;
  • avoid logical series such as 123456 or 102030;
  • avoid repeating the same numerical character several times, such as 222888 or 555555;
  • avoid using repetitive or symmetrical patterns, such as 010101 or 456745;
  • avoid using very well known series of figures such as 112112 or 925925.

To improve the security of your equipment, it is essential:

  • never to keep your PIN together with your card, as a person who finds the card will also find the PIN and be able to use it;
  • never to tell anyone else your PIN. The card with your certificates is strictly personal and must not be given to anyone else.

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