Online declaration of an accident caused by game

Traffic accidents caused by game and causing material damage must be declared to the Police.

The declaration must be submitted online via

It is always possible to go to the police station in order to report the damage in person.

Who is concerned

Each person who is the victim of an accident with damages to their vehicle caused by game have to notify the Police.


The incident must not have caused damage to other persons or objects. If this should be the case, the victim must directly go in person to the police station.


The victim should contact the Police as soon as possible by dialling 113 or present themselves at the police station of their choice. Otherwise, the person is deemed to have committed a hit-and-run offence.

How to proceed


After having contacted the police, the holder of the vehicle can declare the damages caused by game via

The declaration must include the following information:

  • personal contact data;
  • the vehicle in question (registration number, make, model, etc.);
  • the place of the accident;
  • the description of the damage.

Even if the declarations submitted online are received and processed by a special police station, the declarant should indicate a police station of his choice, in the event where the declarant may be requested to go there in person, for example to have the material damages verified by a police officer.


It is possible to attach one or more photos documenting the material damage. This will facilitate the investigator's task. These documents can be attached to the report at the end of the data entry process.

Copy of the declaration

A copy of the declaration will be issued at the end of the process:

  • by hand; or
  • by electronic means.  
Please note, the copy is not an official record. It is only a confirmation of your declaration.

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