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Employment in the public service in Luxembourg

I am a British citizen employed by the Luxembourg government. Will Brexit affect my job?


By way of derogation from Article 40, section 1, item a) of the amended law of 16 April 1979 establishing the general status of public servants, the Government intends for civil servants, trainee civil servants, and government employees of British nationality which are employed on the eve of the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the EU to keep their jobs and retain their rights and responsibilities after the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU.

I am a British citizen and I am planning to apply for a job with the Luxembourg State or a Luxembourg commune. Is Brexit likely to have an impact on my possibilities of employment in the civil service of the State or the communes?

If the withdrawal agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union does not enter into force, British citizens will no longer be able to obtain civil servant status or state employee status, be it with the State or the communes as defined by Luxembourg law.

However, they may still be hired as employees under private law where the budget law provides, for a given year and where necessary, for the recruitment of third-country nationals in the services of the State.


Legal references on the access to employment with the Luxembourg State or a Luxembourg commune (only in French):

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