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Green Events & Green Business Events logos

Are you organising an eco-responsible event in Luxembourg? Under certain conditions, you can obtain a 'Green Events' or 'Green Business Events' logo to ensure the visibility of your commitment. The logo is provided in digital form and can be used on any communication medium before and during the event.

By requesting one of these logos, you can benefit from free one-to-one support from Oekozenter Pafendall or SuperDrecksKëscht, to help you reduce the ecological footprint of your event.

The 'Green Events' logo, issued by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, is intended for all types of non-professional cultural, musical, festive or sporting events (races, fairs, Christmas markets, music festivals, etc.).

The 'Green Business Events' logo, issued by the Ministry of the Economy's General Directorate for Tourism, is reserved for professional events (conferences, congresses, exhibitions, trade fairs, etc.).

To find out how to obtain the 'Green Events' or 'Green Business Events' logo, please consult our dedicated information pages:

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