Postal voting in the upcoming communal elections for residents

Do you live in Luxembourg but will not be in the country on 11 June 2023 to participate in the communal elections?

Would you like the polling card to be sent to your home address so that you can fill in your ballot paper at home?

You can submit your application for postal voting to your commune of residence either:

  • by submitting your application electronically via (or via the mobile app); or
  • by post on plain paper or on a pre-printed form which can be obtained from your communal administration.

To apply for postal voting online, you will need a Luxembourg electronic identity card (eID) or a LuxTrust product to electronically sign the application and submit it via

Remember that your application to vote by post must be submitted to your commune of residence by 17 May 2023 at the latest so that the ballot paper can be sent to your address in Luxembourg.

To find out more about postal voting, consult our explanatory information page.

See our tutorials which use screenshots to guide you, step by step, through the completion of the online form and the electronic signature:

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