Applying for postal voting in legislative elections via

The next legislative elections will take place on Sunday 8 October 2023. On that day, all Luxembourg citizens who are registered voters are called upon to elect the 60 members of the Chamber of Deputies by direct universal suffrage.

Do you live in Luxembourg but won't be in the country to take part in the elections, or do you live abroad and want to cast your vote? You can now apply for postal voting:

  • by submitting your application electronically via (or via the mobile app); or
  • by post on plain paper or on a pre-printed form which can be obtained from your communal administration.

To apply for postal voting online, you will need a Luxembourg electronic identity card (eID) or a LuxTrust product to electronically sign the application and submit it via

Don't forget that your application to vote by post must be submitted to your commune of registration no later than:

  • Wednesday 13 September 2023 if you would like the polling card to be sent to you in Luxembourg;
  • Tuesday 29 August 2023 if you would like the polling card to be sent to you abroad.

If you live abroad, the application should be sent to the commune where you last lived or, failing that, to your commune of birth or, failing that, to the City of Luxembourg.

To find out more about postal voting, consult our explanatory information page.

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