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Phishing attempts by QR code concerning

A new phishing attempt involving is currently underway. There are currently scam emails in circulation, in which the logo of and that of the Luxembourg State (red lion) appear.

The fraudsters, pretending to be the tax administration, ask you to scan a QR code in order to confirm your current bank details and to receive a refund.

Should you receive such an email, take into account the following recommendations in order to protect yourself:

  • Do not scan any QR codes or click on any links, even if you are promised a refund and/or threatened with access restrictions.
  • Always beware of messages that promise you money and/or urge you to react quickly.
  • Do not give out bank details, personal information or passwords.

Please note that the information portal is not responsible for calculating your tax return and will never ask you to confirm your bank details.

In case of doubt, please contact the Helpdesk on (+352) 247 82 000. If you have elderly people around you, please also inform them about this scam.

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