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Phishing attempts by phone concerning

A new phishing attempt involving is currently underway. This type of phishing is known as 'vishing', which consists of contacting people by phone in order to scam them.

The callers pretend to be administrative staff and try to get you to click on a fraudulent link that you have received by SMS or email. In these messages, you are asked to:

  • activate or strengthen your authentication; and/or
  • confirm your bank details in order to receive a refund.

When calling by phone, fraudsters often try to create a false sense of urgency or panic in order to get you to click on the links you have received by SMS or email.

If you receive such a call from people pretending to be staff, please consider the following recommendations to protect yourself:

  • Do not click on any links, even if the person on the phone asks you repeatedly and under threat of access restrictions.
  • Beware of messages and calls that urge you to react quickly.
  • Do not give out bank details, personal information or passwords.
  • Do not call back an unknown number if you are asked to do so in a message from an unknown sender.

The Helpdesk will only contact you by telephone to follow up a request you have made to the Helpdesk. The Helpdesk number is (+352) 247 82 000.

In case of doubt, please contact the Helpdesk on (+352) 247 82 000. If you have elderly people around you, please also inform them about this scam.

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