New vehicles: find out about the administrative procedures to register a new vehicle

Have you just bought a new vehicle? Before you can put it on the road for the first time, you must:

  • register it in your name; and
  • obtain a registration certificate from the National Society of Automotive Traffic (Société nationale de circulation automobile - SNCA).

If you bought the vehicle from a non-professional seller, you must carry out the following procedures in this order:

  1. apply for a licence plate number;
  2. take out a civil liability insurance policy;
  3. pay the tax stamp;
  4. proceed with customs clearance and, where applicable, pay Luxembourg VAT;
  5. submit the administrative file to the SNCA.

Did you know that you can reserve a registration number with a few clicks on You can also register on the waiting list for a number plate with a 4-digit number.

To find out more about the different procedures, please see our explanatory information page on buying a new vehicle.

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