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Do you know the Your Europe information portal?

Are you an EU citizen living in Luxembourg or a Luxembourg citizen living in another EU Member State?

Did you know that the 'Your Europe' portal is the European Commission's one-stop shop for citizens and businesses providing them with practical information about their rights and possibilities in the European Union?

The portal focuses on real-life cross-border situations, such as European citizens wishing to travel, work or study in another EU country, or European businesses wishing to set up or open a new branch in another EU country.

The website features 2 main sections: one for citizens and one for businesses. The portal, which can be consulted in all EU languages, provides access to a range of services including:

  • accurate and up-to-date information on European and national rules and obligations;
  • information on administrative procedures and the steps to be taken to comply with them;
  • helpdesks run by the most relevant European or national authorities in order to provide personalised advice;
  • a feedback tool that allows users to report difficulties or problems encountered while using the portal;
  • access to various online services.

For more information, please visit the Your Europe for Citizens and Your Europe for Business pages.

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