Submit your application for authorisation to practise a health profession via

If you are a health professional and you wish to set up and carry out your profession in Luxembourg, you must meet certain conditions (diploma, language abilities, etc.).

You must also obtain a prior authorisation to practise issued by the Ministry of Health.

Similarly, if you have not practised your profession for at least 5 years, you must

  • complete a work reintegration internship before resuming your activity in Luxembourg; and
  • apply for a renewal of your authorisation to practise.

The application for authorisation to practise or renewal of authorisation to practise can now be made online via

It is also possible to submit your application by post.

Your application must be accompanied by various supporting documents such as a copy of your identity document, an extract from the criminal record or a copy of your diploma.

Note: professionals practising without authorisation are liable to imprisonment and a fine.

To find out which professions are concerned by the authorisation to practise a health profession and all the related details, consult our explanatory information page.

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