Financial aid for businesses investing in electric-vehicle charging infrastructure

In order to boost the development of electromobility in Luxembourg, 2 new aids are now available to businesses:

  • established in Luxembourg; and
  • investing in electric-vehicle charging infrastructure; and
  • which meet the general conditions that apply in this matter.

These aids apply to the installation of charging stations which are:

  • accessible to the public; and
  • private charging stations in companies.

The first aid is:

  • accessible to all companies;
  • awarded following a call for projects concerning projects for publicly accessible or private charging infrastructure with a charging capacity of at least 175 kilowatts;
  • a subsidy allocated to the selected projects, which can be up to 50% of the investments linked to the deployment of charging stations.

Note: the first call for projects will be open from 30 July to 30 September 2022.

The second aid is:

  • reserved for SMEs and aims to facilitate their transition to electromobility as part of their economic activity;
  • a subsidy which is aimed to cover up to:
    • 50 % of the costs related to charging stations and capped at EUR 40,000; and
    • 60 % of the costs of connection to the electricity grid and capped at EUR 60,000.

Online assistants available on and accessible with a LuxTrust product or an electronic identity card must be used to submit:

  • the applications for aid before the commencement of the work; and
  • the requests for payment of aid after the project has been completed.

Find out more about these aids, the granting conditions and the online assistants in our 3 information pages on the subject.

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