Aid for businesses severely affected by the rise in energy prices

A new aid scheme for businesses severely affected by the increase in energy prices arising as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine provides for 2 types of aid that aim to cover:

  • the extra costs of natural gas and electricity incurred by energy-intensive businesses, i.e. businesses whose energy costs account for 3 % of their turnover; and
  • the extra cost of diesel fuel for companies:
    • in the road freight transport, building and artisanal food production sectors;
    • that are highly dependent on fuels for transport and delivery;
    • that have lost business income in the month for which the aid application is made.

The 2 types of aid may be combined for the same month, provided the aggregate amount does not exceed the stipulated aid ceilings.

The application for aid for each eligible month must be filed using the online assistant available on It can be accessed with a LuxTrust product or an electronic identity card.

For more information on the aid scheme, the granting conditions and the online assistant, please consult our explanatory information page on this procedure.

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