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You can now apply for a direct road-building permit via

You are a private individual or a legal person and you plan to:

  • carry out works next to a state road in Luxembourg; or
  • set up a billboard to:
    • announce a festival;
    • promote real estate and sale of properties;
    • promote a business?

To do so, you will need to apply for authorisation from the National Roads Administration (Administration des ponts et chaussées). Depending on the type of application, this may be:

  • a ministerial road-building permit which is granted by the Minister for Mobility and Public Works; or
  • a direct road-building permit which is granted directly by the competent regional agent of the National Roads Administration.

In order to facilitate access to the procedure, the application for a direct road-building permit, including applications for the installation of a billboard, can now be submitted online via

This online procedure requires authentication with a LuxTrust product or an electronic identity card (eID).

It is still possible to submit the application on a paper form which must be sent to the competent service by post.

Would you like to know more? More information on the practical details can be found in our explanatory information pages:

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