Filling in the electronic income tax return for natural persons using

You can now fill in your income tax return (form 100) using an electronic assistant on the platform. To do so, you must have:

  • a private eSpace (for the taxpayer or private representative of a taxpayer) or a professional eSpace (for a professional representative of a taxpayer, e.g. a fiduciary) on; and
  • a LuxTrust product or an eID (electronic identity card); and
  • a national identification number (13-digit social security number).
Please note that you can also act as a private representative and complete the income tax return for your parents for example.

This new procedure is, under certain conditions, aimed at residents or non-residents:

  • subject to a tax return obligation or who wish to submit a tax return on request; and
  • who receive income in Luxembourg from:
    • a salaried occupation; and/or
    • pensions or annuities; and/or
    • the rental of property, including interest on a loan taken out to finance their main residence.

This secure procedure is:

  • dynamic as it:
    • adapts to your situation depending on the answers you provide;
    • automatically carries over the declared amounts;
  • accessible and easy to complete: explanatory tooltips are displayed throughout the procedure to assist you.

The declarant, or both declarants in the event of joint taxation, must sign the electronic tax return.

You can attach the required supporting documents to your tax return using the application, which allows you to photograph the documents with your smartphone and then to upload them.

Find out more about the conditions for carrying this electronic procedure in our explanatory information page.

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