Do you have a supplementary pension scheme?

Do you have a supplementary pension scheme as an employee?

This type of scheme, also known as an additional pension scheme, is a mechanism set up by companies to provide their employees with benefits in case of:

  • retirement; or
  • disability; or
  • death; or
  • survival.

The purpose of these schemes is to supplement the benefits provided by legal social security schemes for the same risks.

Not all businesses implement this type of mechanism.

Employees must be affiliated with a supplementary pension scheme in order to benefit from the rights arising from it when they leave the company. To find out whether they are linked to such a scheme, employees can consult the following documents:

  • their employment contract; or
  • a pension regulation, which would have been given to them; or
  • a statement of accounts, which they should receive at least once a year.

To find out more about the conditions for benefiting from a supplementary pension scheme, and about the practical arrangements for maintaining, transferring and repurchasing vested rights, consult our explanatory text.

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